Video Date

how it works

If you want to order a Video Date with a lady, you need to click the Start Video Date button on her profile or to choose her from your Favorites list. This will bring you on the Video Date Reservation page. Then you will need to:

  1. Indicate how many minutes you wish the Video Date with the lady to last for.
  2. Indicate the date of the call to take place.
  3. Indicate the time for the call to begin.
  4. Indicate your Skype ID.

Our managers are going to contact the lady as soon as possible to find out if she is available for the date and time you proposed. If the lady is not available on the proposed date and time, she will let us know her suitable time and we will inform you on your email.

If you agree with the time proposed by the lady, then you accept the request. If you don't, then you can reschedule the time and the date. You can check the status of your every Video Date in My Orders.

If the lady's profile indicates her level of English as Advanced, then the Video Date will be one on one between the lady and the man. If the lady's English level is lower, then a professional interpreter will be sitting next to her to make your communication easier.

Make sure that you wrote your Skype ID in the right way, so we can reach you to organize the Video Date. If the Video Date wasn't organized, then you will get your credits back on your account.

You can send a request for an order not sooner than 24 hours before the Video Date time.

Once you’ve selected your time zone, we will indicate you about lady's current local time, so you can easily decide which time is the best settle for the Video Date.

You need to understand that mostly ladies are working or studying in the first part of the day while the working week, so if you settle the Video Date in the second part of the day or on the weekends, there are more possibilities that they lady are going to be available.

It will be better if you discuss with the lady about the time and the date of the Video Date before through messages. It will help you to find the suitable time faster for both.

You need to have Skype installed on your computer and be familiar with it. If you don’t have Skype, please follow this link to download it for FREE. Skype for Free.

You will also need a webcam, a microphone, speakers or a headset. Note that most laptops come equipped with these accessories.

Ideally, a high-speed connection is required at both ends to fully enjoy the combination of two-ways video and audio. We take the responsibility to provide a good connection from lady's side. However we cannot guarantee the results and depend on the speed of both connections, you may have to switch off audio in order to keep a nice video. If you need to switch off audio, you can then use the keyboard and still enjoy the video.

The cost for a Video Date without an interpreter is 3 credits per minute. If you select to have the help of an interpreter, the cost will be 4 credits per minute.
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