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Blind Date

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This service offers you:

1. A personal assistant who is helping you in organizing dates with three ladies. You need to fulfil the expanded application about you and the detailed description of the lady you would like to meet. Your personal assistant organizes dates with three ladies picked by our specialists.

2. Interpreter (translations for two hours with each lady included if needed).

3. Return Transfer has included also.

4. Accommodation. We provide you the list of apartments and hotels which this service includes and you can pick the one you like. Three days of staying are included. If you are not going to find the place you like from our list, then you can pick any accommodation you like, but it will be additional expenses. If you stay more than three days, it will be additional payments also.

*We decided to add this service since we have a huge experience in this sphere. There were many situations that men were so disappointed in their searches, because of insincerity, false or not updated ladies’ information, the absent of knowledge about how it works and the life abroad. All this brought us to the conclusion to set up the Blind Date service which helps our clients to reasonable and fruitful help in their searches. We have high qualified psychologists who make detailed portrait’s description of the man. Then according to this information they look for a suitable lady in our data base. If you want to order this service, you need to rely on us and trust us fully.

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