Valeria and Thomas

You never know when it happens you meet your life partner. My search took me a lot of time and efforts because few men paid attention to my profile but in the end, it was worth it. When you join the dating site, you see the variety of different profiles and there is only one thing that you need to do: to choose the right people to get acquainted with and develop your communication at least to a real meeting.  Yes, it really takes your time and makes you depressed with no getting the desired result soon but you win only when you dont give up and go to your aim. Just look at us!
We are happily married, and it feels like a real blessing to us.
We are very thankful for the work that 2love.club team made for us! They do know what they do!


Jean-Marie and Anna

To meet the right person is not an easy thing and it took a while for me also. I have been in Ukraine few times, but there was no luck. And once I met a nice lady called Anna. Since the first letter I felt the chemistry and the interest between us, but I was still nervous when we decided to meet. After the first meeting, she captured my heart fully. I was not sure about the relationships with a because of the language barrier, but when we met I noticed how she tries to say at least few words in French. When I left, she started learning French and while our first meeting she was with a dictionary and it was so cute. Then I invited her to my country and she visited me and I felt that we are really a couple and that I want to be with this lady. Thank you to everyone who helped us to meet each other.


Inna and Darryl

Good afternoon! A few years ago, I changed my life through the agency 2love.club, where I met my future husband. Now I am the happiest woman in the world, I have a wonderful husband, a reliable family and now I live in Australia. And I am sincerely grateful to the agency, especially - Ilona Valerievna and Marina Kornieva, who accompanied me on this path and created our beautiful couple Mr. and Mrs. Gordon)) I have never really believed that it is possible, but I guess the fate decided to prove me the opposite. I have never thought that life can change so much, so I would like to thank the agency who helped me to make my life happier.


Valentina and Stephen

The day when we met each other was magnificent. I am so glad and thankful to God and destiny that I have met this great man. On our first date, he gave me beautiful flowers and with accuracy guessed my favorite color. It was a perfect beginning of a perfect evening. We were talking, laughing and spending the most romantic evening ever. He treated me very kindly and nice. Like a real gentleman treats a real woman. I felt like a queen in his embraces. I could read passion, tenderness, care, kindness in his eyes. Every time I was looking in his eyes I was blushing. Strong impulse proceeded between us, but unfortunately, he left home soon. But when he came next time it was a day of our marriage) thank you to the 2love.club  that I found My love, my Philip Stephen John!))


Nataliya and David

I am Nataliya, from Kiev, Ukraine. My story maybe simple for you, but it was very special for me. My friend advised me to visit this site. I was skeptical at the beginning, but I have got a great translator Yana who helped me. Some day I got a letter from David. When we met with him the first time, I was very nervous and exciting. I wanted to tell you so much to him, but the knowledge of my English was limited. Yana really helped us a lot and I am so thankful for that and I am so grateful to the agency for helping me to create my family. After David left I started learning English and few months later I visited him in Canada. Now I and David are married, live in Canada and have a great daughter. Thank you,2love.club !


Martin and Juliya

I saw my beautiful Juliya 3 years ago, I was not sure if I should write her. One day I decided to write and in 6 months later we met. I would like to thank you a lot to Julia Yalova who helped us much. I was so nervous before our first date, but the translator Julia assured me that everything will be great; she helped me to pick roses for my beautiful Juliya. It was Juliyas birthday the day before our first date, so I prepared a chain with a pendant for her, which she was so happy to get. I fall in love with her immediately; she is even more beautiful in reality. I was not sure about her feelings, but after I left Ukraine, we stayed in contacts and in few months she visited me in America. Now I have the most beautiful wife in the world and I am fully happy. I am so grateful to the 2love.club and to Julia Yalova who was always so supportive and gave me good advices how to reach Juliyas heart.

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