Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Using the Services of the site, all participants hereby acknowledge and agree that the purchase and receipt of any credit package listed on the site, which provides the ability to utilize Services through the 2LOVE.CLUB site, including instant letters and Video Dates (Skype).

Furthermore, all participants covenant and agree that they can initiate any cardholder chargebacks in an attempt to secure a refund within 30 days ( if a lady breaks the settled Rules), as any attempt to do so would not constitute a violation of the terms of the purchase.

All unused credits are fully available within 6 months for using with no questions asked, even if the participant didn’t log in on the 2LOVE.CLUB site while these 6 months. After 6 months, the participants profile will be deactivated and unused credits will be written off automatically.

If a participant wants to renew his membership on 2LOVE.CLUB site after being deactivated, he can be registered and verified as a new participant of the site.

If a Participant no longer wishes to use a membership, he can cancel his membership by selecting the "Delete Your Profile" link located in participant’s profile the "Settings" part on the site. If a Participant deleted his profile occasionally, he can contact us to renew his profile on the 2LOVE.CLUB site. 

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