Mariya, 26
Ukraine, Kyiv
ID: 1521

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25 - 39 years
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Everyone deserves to love and I want to love also, this is the main reason why I decided to register on this site. I am open for meeting and I am open to know you better if you think that we ca be a good match. I want my man to love me and accept me the way I am. I think that couple shouldn't change each other when they become together, but they need to help to develop themselves. When you are loved and feel the support of your beloved, then you may do many things, maybe even some you couldn't do before.

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51-53 kg (113-117 lbs)
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Never Married



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First of all, I would like to tell you that I'm a romantic person and I enjoy doing something together because it really makes people close. Do you agree? I can be sentimental sometimes, but when the time to decide important decisions come, I am pretty strong. I used to think that in a strong body, the spirit is also strong, so I try to eat healthy food and train regularly. I want my man to support that and try to keep the same way of living. I have an active way of life, I try to enjoy it fully and I want to meet a man who would like to share all this with me.
Do you believe in the real love? Why?
Sure. True love is when you meet someone that you can spend time with. And, as you spend those hours, weeks, years, and decades, you don't get tired of each other. You can't always pretend that every day will be perfect, but you can always know that you can't live without that person.
What will you pick: spontaneity or stability?
I choose both of them because it all depends on a situation.
Which animal you are comparing yourself with?
What movie can you watch again and again?
How to train your dragon
Would you like to become famous? In what way?
Like a model
What are you lack of in your life?
real romantic dates and surprises)
What mood did you use to have in the morning?
I'm a person who prefers to stay in bed as long as I can, then my mood is good
What do you dream about in the night?
I don't dream at night. But before falling asleep I get in my mind a picture which I would like to see in reality. Do you want to know which?
Are you a creative thinker? Why do you think so? What or who is playing the role of your muse?
Yes, I like fashion and combining the cloth I have to make new and more fresh dress style
Which sound do you prefer? The sound of burning fire place in the house or maybe the sound of the nature in the forest?
I like a cat's purring, the sound of rain and fire
What is marriage for you?
It's a perfect combination of all good and bad sides' partners but they find the way to stay together no matter how hard sometimes it can be.
Do you have criminal past?
What is your attitude to divorce?
Depends on the situation. Personally me, I plan to get married once and for the rest of my life.
Can you be with a man who has children already?
I wouldn't like to be with a man who has children.
Can you be with a man who lives with his parents?
I think it would be hard for us.
Would you like to work after getting married?
Yes, I think it would be boring to sit at home and doing nothing
What do you think about piercings and tattoos?
It's popular nowadays and I even thought about having one small tattoo but I don't)
Do you have any piercings or tattoos?
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