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What is 2LOVE.CLUB and why do you need to become a participant?

2LOVE.CLUB helps men from abroad and women from Ukraine contact each other with the aim of building serious and long-term relationships which may bring them to marriage. Meeting a perfect match has never been easy for both sides mainly because of false information gave by men or women. It increases the amount of disappointed participants with every year.

Since the beginning, our club took the policy of honesty, maybe even sometimes shocking for man, as the man after checking ladies profiles will understand what type, age and so on of man lady is looking for. Both as men, same ladies need to pass through the verification process to prove their serious intentions. Ladies pay for memberships in our club also, what makes them to be more liable to us and the club rules.

Ladies of our club filled in the profile information honestly and pointed the age of the men they are really interested in, ready to meet and start building serious relationships with. You are not going to find in our club ladies who will write that they are ready to have relationships with the men from 20 till 75 years. (In case, you find such lady(-s), please, let us know immediately). We cooperate only with agencies-partners in Ukraine which proved that they are aimed only at creating happy couples. Also, the ladies in our club are not less than 21 years old. From our experience, we came to the conclusion that from this age ladies start to think about the family and they are honest in the intentions in our club.

First of all, we support equality and transparency! We are sure that the more real information is going to be on the site, the more the club will authorize its existence. What does it mean?

It means that no matter if it’s a lady or a man (regardless of age, social or financial status), after a gross violation of the club rules, his/her profile will be deactivated without recovery and will get on the scammers list. There are also administrative violations after which a lady/a man is fined or receives certain sanctions.

We care about our reputation and believe that it will become the key to our success in running this business and helping people. We have a huge variety of services that help you to find the right lady. Every man and lady are important for us and we are trying to help to everyone individually, that's why we have 24 hours support services of personal managers who are always ready to give you a nice advice about any of the situation you got.

If you want to become a participant of our club, then you need to pass through the verification process, add funds and enjoy communication!

Three simple steps will bring you to your love!

With best wishes,


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