Getting Started
What is the 2love.club site?

2love.club is the site of a tradition dating aimed at helping Ukrainian women and men from abroad to find each other and create the family. We have the variety of different services which help you to know your lady better and to find out if you are a match.

How can I start using the site?

To become a participant of the club, you need to log in and pass through the verification system. Only verified participants can become the participants of the club. After the verification process, you will have 20 free messages to start the correspondences with the ladies you like.

Sign in and Password
How can I log in to the site?

You can use your email and password or log in using your FB account. 

I forgot my email, how can I enter the site?

Please contact the customer support in order to recover your email. 

I forgot my password, how can I enter the site?

You can enter the new password by clicking on the “forgot password?” button in the login window. The link to password reset page will be instantly sent to your email. 

How can I change my login details?

Go to the top right corner of the web site next to your account status and thumbnail you will see an arrow, click on it for the vertical menu to pop up. Just click on the settings button in the next to your portray photo. You can change your email and password there, connect the profile to Facebook or change basic information about you. 

Profile Basics
How can I create a profile with the 2love.club?

If you are not yet a 2love.club participant, click on the “join for free” option button at the top right corner of the home page. You will be able to log in using your email and password or the Facebook account. Fill in the fields about yourself and upload the photos to get started. You can upload a thumbnail from your computer, Facebook account or make a selfie using a webcam.  

How do I know if my profile is active? Will the ladies be able to see it?

All the new profiles must to be checked and approved before becoming visible. The profile, videos and pictures will be checked within 24 hours since posting. As only your profile will be checked and verified, it will be visible for all ladies and you can start the communication.

What profile information can I change?

You can update all the profile information. Click on “edit profile” option button in the horizontal menu right above your photos. You will be able to change the basic data about yourself as well as the information in your profile, background and the search criteria as well as upload more photos and videos. 

What videos can I upload?

You can upload one personal video no bigger than 50 Mb. The video should be about you and you should be in the video. Before it will be active we check if it keeps all rules.

What are the reasons for the profile rejection? How do I make sure my profile will be approved?

The administration can refuse to post your profile for the following reasons:

  • It contains visible for other participants your personal information such as email, phone number, Skype, Facebook account number etc.
  • The profile contains abusive language.
  • The picture quality is not good enough.
  • You are under 21 y. o. 
Will you expose my personal information or pass it to the third parties?

No, the personal information will only be used by the 2love.club web site and will not be posted on the profile or other sources. We firmly recommend you do not post your personal information such as postal address or the phone number in the profile or pictures. Read our privacy policy for more details.

Photo Management
Why do I need to upload pictures to my profile?

You should upload pictures to the profile for the following reasons:

  • It shows that you are serious in your search
  • It attracts ladies to your profile.
  • Only men with verified profiles and photos will be able to join the 2love.club.
How can I add pictures to my profile?

There is an “add photo” option in the beginning of the photos line on your profile. Click on the add photo and you will be able to either upload a picture from the computer or Facebook. The photos will be approved by the administration in 24 hours. 

How do I change my main photo?

Follow the instructions in order to change your main photo:

  • Click on the “edit photos” option button in the vertical menu right above the line with your photos.
  • Click on the pen button that is below every photo to delete it or to save it as a new main photo.
  • All the pictures are being formatted to fit the profile and the main photo automatically.
  • The picture size is unlimited.  
  • The number of pictures is unlimited. 
What are the picture requirements?

In order to make sure the pictures will be approved by the administration and the profile looks appealing to the ladies please make sure your photos meet the following requirements:

  • All pictures are recent.
  • There is no nudity or overly sexual images.
  • There is no weapon or drugs in the picture.
  • Do not upload pictures of yourself as a child or old pictures.
  • Do not upload celebrity pictures or copyright material.
  • Do not upload pictures containing your direct contact information.
  • Do not upload images that have been altered using PS or other editing software.

All the inappropriate or low quality pictures will be removed by the administration. 

User Verification
Why do I need verification to join the 2love.club?

We verify all the men and ladies profiles in order to ensure the best quality online dating experience possible and all the profiles are 100% genuine. You will get 20 free messages as a thank you for completing the verification process and will be able to start the communication with 20 ladies for free. You can also be certain that all 2love.club participants have been verified. 

How can I pass through the verification process?

After you register on the site, you will get the notification to pass through the verification process.

What can I do on the site if my profile is not varified?

If your profile is not verified, you have limited access to the site. You can't start communication with ladies, watch videos or use other services that the site offers.

How can I be sure that the lady was varified?

If you get on the lady's profile, you can see a green mark near her name and age. If the lady's profile has such a mark, it means that the lady passed through the verification process and proved her intentions in using the club's services.

I passed through the verification process, but my profile was not verified. Why?

The verification process takes near 24 hours. If your profile was not verified, then you would get the letter with explanations on your email. If you fixed that reasons, then you can send your profile on the verification again.

Account Settings
How do I change my age requirements and match criteria?

Log in to the 2love.club, you can see the “I’m looking for” criteria option right below your photos. Click on the Edit sign right next to it.

  • Specify the age group you’re looking for,
  • Add your desired match description in the looking for column. 
How can I customize the email notifications?

Log in to the 2love.club and go to the email preferences option. You can choose to receive notifications about messages from your favorites, winks or girls you’ve sent gifts to.

How do I update my profile?

You can change and update the profile information by simply clicking on the edit button next to the about me, interests and personal info horizontal menu columns. The administration will check and approve the changes in 24 hours. 

Is there a way to stop receiving messages from a specific participant?

In case one of the participants is being abusive please report her to the live support.  

Can I hide my profile?

Your profile will remain visible for all the 2love.club participants til you are active on the site. You profile won't be visible, if you delete it.

How do I delete my profile?

Go to the settings menu then delete the profile by clicking on the delete button.

How can I restore my profile if I deleted it before?

If you deleted your profile, then it can't be restored. If you want to become a participant of the club again, then you need to register again and pass through the verification process to start using all club's services.

Search and Browse
What search criteria do I have?

Click on the search button at the top of the page. There you will be able to specify all your requirements and see the matching profiles.

  • Search - specify the basics like age or country.
  • Ethnicity - specify the hair and eye color.
  • Family and relationships - specify the marital status and kids.
  • Bad habits - specify the drinking and smoking.
  • Additional information - specify the religion, education and the language skills. 
What are the “likes”, “visitors” and “favorites”?

This way you can easily manage the ladies’ profiles and have easy access to them:

  • The “likes” are the list of profiles that you have marked by the send a wink option.
  • The ‘”visitors” are the ladies that have viewed your profile.
  • The “favorites” are people that you have marked as your favorites.

Every female profile has a “send wink” or “add to the favorites” option right above the photos. 

If I viewed the lady’s profile will she get a notice about it?

Yes she will be able to see your profile on the “visitors” page. 

How can I find a profile I have noticed some time ago?

Look for the profile in the “visitors” menu page, click on the “you visited” option in the horizontal menu and you shall see all the profiles you have viewed in the past. 

What is “Messages” option?

If you click on the “messages” option in the vertical menu you can see all the messages you have received and sent. There are inbox, unread, outbox; delete messages and also messages from the administration columns. If you click on any of the columns you will see all the messages in it. All the new messages appear in the inbox and unread boxes, if you delete a message it will move to the deleted messages box. 

How much do I have to pay for the message?

As you join 2love.club you get 20 free messages as a thank you for becoming a participant of the club.  You can use those messages to contact new ladies so you get to write a free first message to 20 ladies. One small message of up to 100 symbols will cost you 1 credits and one big message up to 2000 symbols is 7 credits. All the incoming messages from ladies are free to read. 

How should I reply to the inbox messages?

Click on the “reply” at the bottom of the message and type in a new text, after you complete the message click “send”. The lady will instantly be able to see the new message in her inbox.

If you need to clean the inbox and get rid of the unwanted messages just click on the “delete” icon on the right side of the horizontal menu. You will be able to mark all the messages you need to delete or in case you want to delete them all use the “select all” option. 

What should I do if I still haven’t received any incoming messages?

There might be a few reasons why the inbox is empty, please consider the following:

  • It takes the administration 24 hours to check and approve your profile until then ladies cannot see it or send you messages.
  • If you have uploaded new pictures or changed the profile information it will also be invisible for 24 hours.
If I want to get lady's personal contacts, how can I do that?

It's forbidden on the site for members to send contact information to each other. All letters with the contact details will be deleted and won't be delivered to the receiver. If the man wants to get lady's contacts then he can get them for free after sending 20 big messages to the lady with the lady permission. The lady has a right to refuse. After the man sent 20 big letters, he can write to the administrator with the request to get lady's contact details.

Who do you like
What are the “likes”?

This way you can easily manage the ladies’ profiles and have easy access to them:

  • The “likes” are the list of profiles that you have marked by the send a wink option.

Every female profile has a “send wink” or “add to the favorites” option right above the photos. 

What are the “visitors”?

This way you can easily manage the ladies’ profiles and have easy access to them: 

  • The ‘”visitors” are the ladies that have viewed your profile. 
How do I delete a profile from “favorites”?

Go the lady’s profile and click on the remove favorite option in the horizontal menu right above her photos. The “add to favorites” option button will instantly appear instead of it. 

If a lady is added to the favorites does she get notified about it?

Yes the lady gets a notice and can see that you have added her to the favorites. 

What are the “favorites”?

This way you can easily manage the ladies’ profiles and have easy access to them:

  • The “favorites” are people that you have marked as your favorites.

Every female profile has a “send wink” or “add to the favorites” option right above the photos. 

Video Show
What videos can I upload in my profile?

For now, you can upload one video. The video requirements:

  • the maximum size of the video is 50 Mb;
  • you should be in the video;
  • the video should be recent;
  • there is no nudity or overly sexual images;
  • there is no weapon or drugs in the video;
  • do not upload celebrity video or music video;
  • do not upload video, containing your direct contact information;
  • the video should be good quality, interesting and show more of your personality.
Why do I need a video in my profile?

If you put the video in your profile, then it will show your intentions. The ladies will trust you and your intentions more.

How can I know if the lady has a video?

You need to go on the lady's profile and if the lady has a video you will see it in her profile near photos. Also, there is the options panel on the top, if you press the button "Videos", you can see all ladies' videos.

How can I watch lady's video?

If you want to watch lady's video, you need to press on it in her profile. Or you can go in Video list (the top options panel) and watch videos of ladies there.

How much does it cost to watch a video?

The price for the video is 3 credits. 

If I watch the same video again, do I need to pay?

Yes, you need to pay for every video. It doesn't matter if you watch it before or not.

Video date
What is the 2love.club Video Date and how can I arrange it?

Video Date is a service which helps you to see and to talk to the lady you like in the real time through the webcam (Skype). If you want to arrange it, you need to press the button "More" and then pick "Start Video Date". After that, you pick the date and time you want the Video Date to happen. After the lady agrees with the time, we organize it.

How much will the 2love.club Video Date it cost me?

If the lady's profile indicates her level of English as Advanced, then the Video Date will be one on one between the lady and the man. If the lady's English level is lower, then a professional interpreter will be sitting next to her to make your communication easier. The cost for a Video Date without an interpreter is 2 credits per minute. If you select to have the help of an interpreter, the cost will be 3 credits per minute.

What if I need to change the date and time?

If you need to change the date and time of the Video Date after the lady agreed with it or before the lady answered, then you need to contact the support and tell them about your changes.

Gifts delivery
What is the Send gifts option for and how do I send a gift?

Get a wonderful surprise for your lady to show your true feelings and serious intentions. Congratulate her on her birthday, wish her the happy holidays or surprise her with your sign of attention. Click on the lady’s profile, you will see the Send gifts option on top of the profile right above her photos in the horizontal menu. We have a wonderful selection of gifts and flowers so you will be able to personalize the gift for the lady and add a note to it.

Can I pick the delivery date?

The exact delivery date always depends on the lady and her schedule. The gift will be delivered from 2 to 5 days. If you would like to have a gift delivered on the specific date please place an order at least a week in advance and specify the delivery date in the comments.

What do I do if I made a mistake in my order?

Please contact the administration as fast as possible and if the gift has not been sent yet we can fix the mistake in the order it for you.

How do I know if my order has been delivered?

You can check the order status in . You shall receive a high-resolution picture of the lady with her gift; she will send a thank your message after she receives the present. Also, you can ask her about it in the letter.

Can I send gifts to a few ladies within one order?

You can include a few items in the gift for the lady. In order to send a gift to another lady kindly go to her profile and fill in the new form. You can specify different delivery dates for the ladies. 

What accommodations can you offer?

We have the list of good hotels or apartments and will be happy to help you in picking the most comfortable one for you.

Can I get recommedation according to my needs and tastes?

Yes, you can write you the administrator and she will give you all advises you need.

Romance tours
Which romance tours do the site have?

2love.club has a variety of different tours, such as individual tours, blind dates, acquaintance parties, speed dating and private dates. Also, we offer the services of guides and interpreters if needed.

Where can I get more informations about tours?

If you want to know more about tours we offer, you can check it pushing the button "Romance Tours" in the right column in your profile. You will find the descriptions of all tour's types.

Credit and Price
What are the credits for?

The credits are used to enjoy the 2love.club services and communicate with the serious and genuine women from Ukraine. 

Why does 2love.club have a credit system?

The credits allow for the more flexible discounts and purchase options. Once credit costs $ 0.70, the price of the credits will depend on the purchased amount, you can enjoy a 30% discount when ordering 100 credits, 40% discount when ordering 200 credits and 50% discount when buying a 500 credits. This way you can freely communicate with the ladies and enjoy the discounts you get when ordering more credits.

What is the due date on my credits? Can they expire?

There is no due date on the credits you purchase to communicate with the ladies on the 2love.club.

Where can I check my credits and manage my spending?
  • The credits button is located at the top right corner of the web site.
  • If you click on the credits sign you will be able to manage your accounts.
  • Click purchase to top up the credits, choose the payment option and proceed to the verification page.
  • Click on the history of payments to see all the paid 2love.club services you have been using. 
I am experiencing issues purchasing the credits, what do I do?

Please contact our live support if you have any issues using the 2love.club or purchasing credits. 

Payment Options
How soon do the credits add up to my account?

You will be able to see the credits right away. If you have made a payment but cannot see the credits it might be a sign of an order processor issue. Contact the live support right away.

What payment options do I have?

We accept online credit card payments as well as PayPal.  

How will the transaction be labeled on my credit card statement?

The payment will be processed by a third party company CCbill You will also get an automatic email notification with the amount and the transaction information. The order will be titled CCbill in the statement.

Do you only accept payments in US dollars?

The site service costs are shown in the US dollars but you can pay in the currency of your credit card. The order processor will make an instant currency exchange.

I am having issues with my payment. What do I do?

Please contact our live support any time. We will be very happy to help you.

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