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2LOVE.CLUB supports only honest business.

Before preceding your search, please, find few minutes to read this!

Online scam dating artist can be anyone; it can be Ukrainian scammer or it can be any scammers from any country, any age, sex or race. However, they have two things in common: they have no feelings and they want money from their victims. 2LOVE.CLUB staff detects them and adds them on their scammer list. We do care about our clients and prefer to work in honest and open way; 2LOVE.CLUB wants to become your partner who you can trust in finding your bride and we do everything possible to protect you from dating scammers. What do we do for this?

We must admit that dating scammers are not likely to go through the process of validating their identity with the passport and being interviewed. These online dating scammers will usually choose to register on free dating websites where they do not need to see anyone in person.

We are proud to inform you that all the profiles on our in our club are carefully checked and approved only after receiving of the lady's passport copy and having a personal meeting with a lady in our office which is located in the center of Kiev. We are sure in the personality of our clients as they were verified by our administrators on their reliability.

We do not post in our club information of any lady until verification of her identity and contact information is confirmed:

1.    The lady must be aware that all her contact information with the pictures is the part of 2LOVE.CLUB system.

2.    The lady must be really interested in finding a foreign husband.

3.    The lady knows and understands the rules and regulations of her participation with our club.

Follow these 10 simple rules to avoid from being scammed:

1.    Never give money to a Ukrainian lady unless you have met her in person and got to know her better, so you can trust her strongly.

2.    Stay in tight contacts with managers of the club and don’t be shy to ask for Background information about the lady you are planning to meet.  
NOTE: This service does not allow you to receive lady's contact information. You should have the lady's contact info before you can place this order. If you are corresponding with her and do not yet have her contact information but are interested in running a background check on her, please contact us.

3.    Ukrainian ladies are not beggars. An honest Ukrainian lady would never ask you for money. If a Ukrainian lady asks you for money, please contact us.

4.    Use every letter to develop your relationship. Describe yourself more in details with each letter and ask for the same in return. If the lady evades answering your questions, it isn’t a good sign and you should drop her.

5.    If a Ukrainian lady tells you that she is in love with you after a few letters, it is really not a good sign. You should simply put the end to this correspondence and contact us.

6.    Once you share good relations through letters, you can use our phone and video services. Set up a phone call or a Video Date (Skype) with her. Our agent will assist you with the all services and help you with an interpreter if the translation is required.

7.    If a Ukrainian lady offers you a vacation together abroad before you have met, it is not a good sign. You should simply put the end to these relations and contact us.

8.    Traditionally, Ukrainian ladies look for men who are older for maturity and stability. The age gap of up to 15 years is common, but higher than that may bring complications. Of course, there can be exceptions; just simply use your good judgment.

9.    If you suspect that a lady you are talking with is a scammer, then check the scammer list for her name and browse for her photo. If you don’t find her, contact us.

10.  IMPORTANT: whatever the case is our team suggests you never send cash to none of ladies without really knowing her.    

Even though we do all the researches and know our ladies personally - our job is to protect you too. We also want to mention that if the woman you are in contact with is really interested in you she will correspond with you without seeking financial gain. If you really want to make her feel good - send a gift through 2LOVE.CLUB system, verify that she receives the gift and you will get several photos - confirmation in return from our club.

Following the 10 basic rules should prevent any intelligent man from being the victim of a Ukrainian dating scammer or online marriage scam. Each year, thousands of men from all parts of the world ask a Ukrainian lady to become their wife. They did not let the online dating scammers prevent them from pursuing their dream of finding a beautiful Ukrainian wife.

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