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Who We Are

It is not a social network based on interests and it’s not a place for fellow travelers or one night partners. 2LOVE.CLUB is a club built on traditional dating basis and is only for people who are in the search for the life partner. That’s why we understand that sincerity and seriousness are where there is not only responsibility of the club’s managers, but from the participants also.

So the amount of participants from both sides in our club will be balanced, we mean that a number of ladies are going to be twice more maximum than men and this way the number of useless contacts is reduced in 16-20 times. Also, you are not going to find in our club ladies who will write that they are ready to have relationships with the men from 20 till 75 years old. These two principles are going to protect men from the endless amount of useful and senseless letters, which don’t meet men’s requirements.

2LOVE.CLUB site connects Ukrainian ladies and men from abroad in a common desire to create a strong family.

Our History

The idea of the project was born in two small independent agencies, which were working in this sphere near 10 years. Both agencies cooperated for many years with the main and most popular international dating projects. After 10 years we got a lot of experience and made our own vision how this sphere should be introduced. Of course, every project needs a group of people with the same aim. With time, we got more and more responsible and professional workers who share the idea of this project and who helped us to make 2LOVE.CLUB better.

Usually, per year we organize approximately from 70 till 100 dates, we realized how to help men from abroad and women from Ukraine to find a common language. Successful and happy dates and couples inspired and gave us strength to bring to the life 2LOVE.CLUB site. We also have an experiment in successful couples and we already helped to 37 pairs to find each other and get married.

When we noticed that our work is appreciated, useful and helpful, we strongly realized that traditional dating is our mission and we decided to make everyone’s search easier and faster. We want to reduce the distance between us and club’s participants by communicating more with every participant of our club.

Our Mission

It’s well-known that the amount of women and men in Ukraine is not equal and that’s why many beautiful Ukrainian ladies are single. Ukrainian ladies have strong family values and almost for all women family is the main desire. Having already an experience in meeting many single Ukrainian ladies who want to love and be loved sincerely, who want to create family honestly, we realized that we can help at least some of them and this is the main aim why we decided to create 2LOVE.CLUB. Also, the point of our project is to clarify and show how the traditional dating should be really introduced. We can’t guarantee that all participants will be honest and clear in their intentions but we can guarantee that we will try hard to reduce the number of dishonest participants, same for men and ladies. That’s why we decided that the project is directed on real dates more than on Internet communication.

Also, we offer the service of a personal assistant. We know that sometimes it’s hard for men to understand from photos and profile only who the lady really is. We propose the possibility to have a personal assistant, who will help you in choosing the right lady and who will recommend or advise you if you can be a match with the lady you got interested in.

We want to be better not in comparing with other dating sites, but to prove it more in results!

Our team

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Security of club members

User Verification

Every participant needs to pass through the verification process to prove that he/she is a real person, agrees to keep our rules and conditions, performs the information we demand and accept the club’s policy. The verification system helps us to protect our club and participants from people under 21 years old, profiles’ duplicates and people with not serious intentions.

Online security

We take online security seriously, that’s why 2LOVE.CLUB online purchasing system is secured by industry-standard security and the world’s leading certificate authorities: GeoTrust® and Mc Afee Secure.

Participants of our club can be assured that all produced information is protected, more details are on the
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